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iD Expert Fix

Where a patient is using the iD Expert Form range of products it is important to wear correct fixation pants. iD Expert Fix net pants have been designed for use with the iD range and are washable.


iD Expert Fix net pants assure the pad is held closely to the body, ensuring optimum performance.  By incorporating soft fibres and double elastic lycra with thigh seams, the product’s structure guarantees optimal anti-leakage security, allowing more freedom for movement while also minimising the risk of skin irritation


iD Expert Fix
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Description Pack Size Points Value Size Type Store Price (exc VAT) Points Value
iD Expert Fix IN-083-101 50194Smallwith Legs £21.54 ex VAT per Case 194
iD Expert Fix IN-083-102 50203Mediumwith Legs £22.64 ex VAT per Case 203
iD Expert Fix IN-083-103 50212Largewith Legs £23.61 ex VAT per Case 212
iD Expert Fix IN-083-104 50218XLwith Legs £24.31 ex VAT per Case 218
iD Expert Fix IN-083-106 25122SmallComfort Super £13.52 ex VAT per Pack 122
iD Expert Fix IN-083-105 25131MediumComfort Super £14.58 ex VAT per Pack 131
iD Expert Fix IN-083-107 25134LargeComfort Super £14.92 ex VAT per Pack 134
iD Expert Fix IN-083-108 25137XLComfort Super £15.28 ex VAT per Pack 137
iD Expert Fix IN-083-112 25148XXLComfort Super £16.44 ex VAT per Case 148